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Academic writing is not a hobby but a profession. Many companies that offer academic writing services get it wrong because they hire writers that do writing either as a part time jobs or a hobbies. This limits the scope of research and the extent of professionalism required in this profession of freelance writing jobs. Academic writing, like any other profession needs the qualifications, skills and expertise to execute and do diligently to the satisfaction of the client.



With that said, what are the qualifications and requirements of a scholarly writer at Our company has a comprehensive employment policy that ensures the right academic freelance writers are hired to ensure our competency and professionalism is unmatched in this industry. Our human resource team is compromised of experts that ensure all the writers hired exhibit the following:



High level of Academic Excellence

The writers must ascertain by way of duly certified documents of high levels of academic excellence of Masters and Phd levels. These are the writers that do undergraduate and postgraduate writing jobs. Holders of bachelor’s degrees are only hired for high school writing jobs. The recruiting process is a highly competitive process that involves a lot of skill testing, certification of documents, sample analysis, oral tests, online tests, short assignments and other mandatory checks.



High Levels of Experience

It is a requirement that all our writers have a minimum experience of at least 3 years in active academic writing. This is ascertained through the oral and online interviews which are aimed at establishing the level of experience of every applying writer and their availability. The writers must be readily available for writing and subsequent reviews and revisions where necessary.



Diversity in Academic Fields

Our human resource ensures that we hire writers in different academic fields to suit the wide range of client fields. The human resource department ensures that the portfolio of the writers is rich, wide and diverse to cover different fields. This ensures that our clients get the right writers for their jobs. The client benefits from the skill, experience and professionalism of a writer in that specific field in which he or she is ordering a paper in.



Professional Training

Our company trains its writers on professional conduct and the need carry out all our engagements in a professional way. This ensures that high quality work is done, the work is submitted on time and communication is made easy between the writer, the support team and the client. This training is aimed at creating a professional flow of doing work and thus ensuring maximum client satisfaction.



Strong Support System (SSS)

Our human resource ensures that our writes are given maximum support to diligently execute their work in a professional manner. This is done by way of providing easy communication channels and provision of appropriate softwares such as plagiarism and grammar-error detector softwares to ensure that every piece of paper is original and is done properly. Constant checks on the writers’ progress is also done to ensure that the work is finished before the deadline stipulated.

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